Surprising Benefits of Sex Toys for Your Intimacy and Overall Wellbeing

Although sex toys have steadily become mainstream, there are still some people who believe that these accessories are only suited to individuals that are sexually extravagant. And while sex toys are best enjoyed when you feel free and unembarrassed to experiment, this does not mean that they are not great for newbies to experiment with. What may surprise you about sex toys is that they are more than just a means to spice up your bedroom. Read More 

Three Critical Guidelines on Promoting Point of Sale Security

The point of sale (POS) terminal is a crucial system in any retail business operation. This computerised setup is designed to replace the traditional and out-dated cash register. In simple terms, the POS will calculate the payment owed by the customer and present an electronic or printed receipt. In addition, this product is often used in handling the inventory, processing cash cards and tracking customer orders. Regardless of the scope of your company's POS functions, it is important to secure this system against potential infiltration. Read More